The Benefits of Using Spray Foam for Your Home

Insulation is essential in extreme weather months, and homeowners are saving big on electric costs with residential spray foam installation in Calgary instead of traditional methods. Although it is more expensive compared to other types, if you’re newly installing or replacing insulation, foam options are well worth looking into because of their vast benefits. We can spray this material in attics and even between wall gaps for maximum efficacy.

Choosing the Right Type of Spray Foam for Your Home

There are two types of foam to consider: open cell and closed cell. Open cell spray foam is superior for noise blocking and is less expensive than a closed cell.Closed cell spray foam is denser and more than open cell, and it is better at sealing in air and keeping water out. If you’re not sure what type is best, our experienced professionals at High Performance Spray Systems are happy to help you make the best choice so that you reap the most benefits for your particular application.

7 Benefits of Choosing Residential Spray Foam

1. Lower Electrical Bills

One of the primary benefits of investing in residential spray foam in Calgary is that you will like save substantially on your heating expenses, particularly during harsh winters. Spray foam gets deep into even the smallest cracks, only to expand as it dries, which means the home is better insulated than any fibre insulation could provide. Not only does it block air, but it keeps water from seeping in.

2. Spray Foam Keeps Critters at Bay

Spiders, ant, roaches, termites and other small bugs and insects will take advantage of any small cracks and tiny holes in the home, literally using it as a front door to get inside. Spray foam—especially closed cell—creates an effective barrier that locks your home down and prevents penetrations. Certain insects and pests carry disease that can be a real burden on the home’s occupants and guests.

3. Noise Reduction

Residential spray foam can come in handy if you have noisy neighbours, live near an industrial area, in a busy downtown, or own a condo or apartment. Spraying between the wall and in the attic can mean the difference between peace and a nerve-wracking day.The good news is, open cell spray foam will significantly reduce noise levels, keeping excessive noise at bay. In return, if you have a gathering that gets loud, it will shelter your neighbours.

4. Reduce Allergens

Allergies are the bane of any sufferer, and it comes predominantly through ceilings, walls and unsettled windows. Because the foam expands and fills even the smallest crevices and cracks, outdoor air doesn’t penetrate the structure as it would with styrofoam or fiberglass options.This dramatically reduces allergen and pollen penetration, which can cause fewer symptoms and fewer medical bills. Those with severe allergies might consider a closed cell spray foam, as it seals the home up tighter than open cell spray foam installations.

5. Residential Spray Foam Insulation Lasts Longer

Traditional insulations break down rather quickly and require replacement far more often than residential spray foam will. This is true for those who get frequent snow storms. In contrast, spray foam is hard and won’t break or sag. It will save money in the long run on both replacement costs and energy usage.Consider choosing a closed cell spray foam for even greater longevity. As a bonus, it also makes the structure of the home sturdier overall. Both of these qualities add value and offer a great return on investment.

6. Spray Foam is Environmentally Friendly

Who doesn’t want a clean planet? Those who prefer Eco-friendly products will appreciate that spray foam installation is a green choice. It lasts much longer than alternatives, and because it’s very thin, fewer materials are consumed in its manufacturing and application methods. Both open-and-closed cell sprays are environmentally friendly insulation options.

7. Despise Mildew and Mould? You’ll Love Residential Spray Foam Insulation.

Mildew and mould spread rather fast, and they are sneaky culprits that leave behind stains and a rather unpleasant array of smells. Both types of spray on insulation options boost water resistance and keep moisture out that can penetrate walls and cause extensive damage.That being said, closed cell foam is a better option for heavy-duty water zones. Research proves that mould is harmful to health and can cause the influx of several types of respiratory and allergy-like symptoms.

Want the Best Residential Spray Foam? Call High Performance Spray Systems in Calgary.

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