High Performance Spray Systems Ltd. Spray Roofing


Spray foam roofing is a spray applied seamless monolithic system, that requires zero metal fasteners. It is sprayed on as a liquid and expands into all cracks to form a strong waterproof monolithic surface.

A 3lb roofing foam is used for the installation and has many great features; It can act as a flashing around all roofing penetrations, such as HVAC, vents, skylights, curbs, and parapet walls. It has an extremely highR-value of 6.4 per inch, which in turn helps create a more energy efficient building. Spray foam roofing is durable and has the ability to last the life of your building.

A Polyurea Coating is required as well to protect the foam from UV Breakdown. This coating is a waterproofing membrane, and a durability protection to ensure the 3lb foam will last the life of your building. It is a reflective material helping in thermal prevention.


  • Can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs when compared to standard practice roofing systems.
  • Can pay for itself as a long term investment
  • Low maintenance roofing system
  • Has no seams, resulting in no weak points
  • Non- intrusive
  • Rated as an air barrier system
  • Bonds right to the original roof substrate


  • All low slope tin roofs
  • Tar And Gravel Flat roofs
  • Residential low slope bungalows
  • Residential Flat roofs
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs
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