High Performance Spray Systems Ltd. Slab Jacking


Slab jacking is a geotechnical foam, which is injected under a sunken concrete slab. The foam creeps to fill the entire void and as expansion occurs, the concrete slab is lifted back into its original position. The geotechnical foam hardens completely within minutes of application, which in turn stabilizes the void ensuring a long-term solution is achieved.


  • Quick application, up to 90% faster than standard methods of concrete repair
  • Nonintrusive method requiring minimal damage to concrete slab
  • Less expensive than replacement of concrete by up to 75%
  • The slab is ready for use just minutes aft the r application process
  • Requires only a 5/8 hole be drilled through the slab, which is filled with grout after installation.
  • Expansive properties of foam better guarantee a complete fill of void area under slab
  • Weighs less than 5% of the competitions products, which leaves less stress on area below slab
  • Environmentally neutral, does not contribute to soil and water contamination
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