Spray foam is the solution to several industrial applications. Its geotechnical properties help with placing pipelines most safely and efficiently possible. It will insulate and protect any shape or size of a tank. It can also insulate the underside of the floor of industrial skids.

Some applications of Industrial spray foam:

  • Ditch breaks– provide the most significant erosion control through a very efficient application process.
  • Trench Stabilization– Spray foam offers the structural ability to stabilize trench walls.
  • Rock shield– where rocks are an issue with damaging pipelines, spray foam acts as a protective barrier during the backfilling process.
  • Pillow Padding– spray foam Pillow Pads are sprayed in the trench to keep the pipe in place as well as an extra measure of protection during the installation process.
  • 2lb spray foam insulation- Our 2lb closed cell spray foam is manufactured and installed by certified installers. 2lb closed cell spray foam can stand up to the harshest environments and achieves the maximum R value per inch. All our products meet ULC government standards and testing.


  • Adds strength and protection to pipelines.

  • Creates a corrosion resistant barrier.

  • Stabilizes trenches.

  • The highest R value to insulate tanks.

  • The highest R value to insulate skid floors.

  • Provides long lasting durable erosion control.

With over 15 years of experience in industrial construction, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and following project specifications. Safety and following our COR program is our priority on every job site.

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