High Performance Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is a spray-applied seamless monolithic system that requires zero metal fasteners. It is sprayed on as a liquid and expands into all cracks to form a sturdy waterproof monolithic surface. Spray foam roofing is a very economical solution to a new roof because of its long life, and in most cases, there is no need to remove the old roof. The spray foam roofing system can be installed over the old roof because of its lightweight and ability to glue itself to the old roof. Not having to remove the old roof saves money, time and doesn’t leave your property exposed to the elements during installation.

3lb roofing foam has many great benefits and features. It can act as a fully sealed and waterproof flashing around all roofing penetrations, such as HVAC, vents, skylights, curbs, and parapet walls. It has an extremely high R-value of 6.4 per inch, which in turn helps create a more energy-efficient building. Spray foam roofing is very durable and could last the lifetime of the structure.

To give a spray foam roof maximum protection that can give it the durability to last the lifetime of your building. We install a monolithic, seamless layer of silicone and granular granite flakes. It protects your roof from the elements, ensures your 3lb roofing foam will last the lifetime of your building and adds to its superior waterproofing capabilities.

To add to your peace of mind, we offer a third party, 10, 15, and 20-year warranty. This warranty is carried by the supplier of the products we use to install your roof. As part of the warranty, our team is required to submit pre and post-installation reports, and we are required to undergo inspections during installation by a third party to ensure you are getting the best quality.


  • Can save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs when compared to other roofing systems.
  • Fully adheres to all penetrations eliminating leaky flashings and metal work.
  • Is 100% waterproof with no seams eliminating any weak points.
  • Pays for itself as a long-term investment.
  • Low maintenance, saving on costly repairs.
  • Bonds to the original roof saving disposal fees and labor.
  • Comprehensive full 10,15- or 20-year warranty.


  • All low slope tin roofs
  • Residential low slope bungalows
  • Modified Bitumen Roofs
  • Tar And Gravel Flat roofs
  • Residential Flat roofs

Our team has over 10 years of experience in spray foam roofing. Our installer has installed over 400,000 square feet of spray foam roofs. We understand the importance of delivering value and quality workmanship to the customer. We offer solutions that can fix the customers problem while also respecting their budget