High Performance Fireproofing

Calgary Firestopping Service

At High Performance Spray Systems, safety is of paramount importance. It’s why our technicians are dedicated to offering you high-quality systems for firestopping in Calgary. We have extensive experience with installing and estimating fireproofing systems. We offer free consultation about ULC Designs and product requirements for any project in the design phase or under construction. Our installers have over 10 years of experience and are certified. High Performance Spray Systems are fully insured, and we have a COR level of safety. We understand the importance of following project specifications and meeting deadlines. We have the ability and equipment required to tackle large scale commercial projects. With multiple product options, High Performance Spray Systems has the solution for all your commercial fireproofing needs.

  • Proven in place performance
  • ULC fire tested and factory inspected
  • Our multiple products are tested to expand life of the building structure
  • Economical beneficial with low costs associated with application and low in-place cost
  • Building code compliant for all commercial and industrial areas
  • Fast, efficient application to all types of properties
  • Application of systems directly on building materials, areas of concern and specific rooms
  • Backed by COR Safety
  • Improves fire resistance while decreasing chances of property materials weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat
  • Professional service and timely installation

Which Buildings Need Fireproofing in Calgary?

There is no question in our experience that all properties, including residential, commercial and industrial, require fireproofing foam for added protection. The typical areas of concern, such as building materials and the penetrations of pipes, wires, and vents between rooms, are danger zones that must be safeguarded. By containing and preventing the spread of smoke and fires, you immediately save the lives of your employees, colleagues and family members. Firestopping in Calgary is a proactive measure that not only saves lives and protects the structure of your building but enhances property value and quality.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in estimating and installing fireproofing systems. We understand the importance of following specifications. Our crews are certified and committed to meeting deadlines. Speak to our experts today for more information about how fireproofing can protect your property from potential fire-related dangers.

Save Lives Now With High Performance Systems

Fires can start with a flicker and end up with people’s lives in danger. You can prevent this by acting fast and initiating the installation of fireproofing systems on your property. Whether it is commercial, industrial or even residential, having our experts inspect your property and implementing firestopping measures can safeguard your property if the unthinkable happens. Our application process involves improving your property’s resistance to fire while decreasing chances of building materials weakening, burning or melting under extreme heat. We offer detailed information about the type of foam solution we can use, determining the exact amount based on weight, size and type of structure. When it comes to fireproofing in Calgary, with our Calgary insulation contractors, you’re in safe hands.