High Performance Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting in Calgary

At High Performance Spray, we stand committed to providing exceptional customer service. To do so, we offer a vast array of services that can meet your personal and building requirement needs. From spray foam insulation for residential, commercial and industrial properties, to concrete lifting and firestopping, we’re ready to help you transform your property to be better, safer and more valuable. We continuously push ourselves to do better, and it’s why our service, products, and equipment are the best in the industry. We are innovative, responsive and active leaders in the continual improvement of our business and the industry we serve.

  • Quick application, up to 90% faster than standard methods of concrete repair
  • Requires only a 5/8 hole be drilled through the slab, which is filled with grout after installation.
  • Nonintrusive method requiring minimal damage to the concrete slab.
  • Expansive properties of foam better guarantee a complete fill of void area under slab
  • Less expensive than replacement of concrete by up to 75%
  • Weighs less than 5% of the competitions products, which leaves less stress on area below slab
  • The slab is ready for use just minutes after the application process.
  • Environmentally neutral, does not contribute to soil and water contamination

Why Invest in Concrete Lifting in Calgary?

There are many advantages that come with concrete lifting for both residential and commercial properties. Significantly, it is a money-saver in terms of installation, property value and long-term maintenance. Most of our property owners recuperate a good deal of the money they invest into foam injection through the restored property value and the minimal maintenance cost. As for the installation, using our specialized geotechnical foam is far more affordable and cost-effective than replacing the entire concrete slab; its adaptability resulting in more uses and better results. Investing in concrete slab lifting in Calgary is the better, smarter choice for your property.With over 15 years of experience in Concrete lifting and stabilization we understand the importance of delivering value and quality workmanship to the customer. We offer solutions that can fix the customers problem while also respecting their budget. Speak to our experts today to see how concrete lifting can restore and enhance your property.

What Makes High Performance Your Team

As experts in insulation in Calgary, High Performance Spray can guarantee fast, effective results that transform your property. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand that you want the best service for the best price, alongside an honest and transparent team. You’ll get that from us. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry, designing and implementing concrete lifting in Calgary, establishing ourselves as the company that stands above everyone else. With our experts, you can experience a high-quality service backed by COR safety guarantees, value for investment, respect and honesty, and a desire to finish within your timeframe. When it comes to concrete lifting and stabilization, don’t leave it to anyone; trust Calgary’s best team at High Performance Spray Systems.