High Performance Commercial Insulation

Commercial Insulation in Calgary

With commercial insulation in Calgary, you can protect your building against rising energy bills, reduce and maintain comfortable temperatures, and improve the health and safety for all employees and work colleagues. Here at High Performance Spray Systems, we offer the solution through our industry leading foam solutions. Unlike other insulation companies in Calgary, our spray foam’s ability to adhere to almost any substrate, along with its air and vapour barrier properties, creates endless possibilities for applications in commercial buildings. Its vapour barrier and air barrier properties help with tying in those tricky areas that conventional methods are unable to achieve. Some examples of applications are interior insulation, air seals, exterior envelope, foundation walls, and underground pipes. With our expertise and top-tier spray foams, you can truly enhance your building’s insulation.

  • Reduce the heating costs of your commercial building by up to 50% post-installation
  • Spray foam insulation the highest R-value insulation on the market
  • Acts as both an air barrier and vapour barrier, all within a single product
  • With zero ozone depleting agents, the spray remains environmentally friendly
  • Create an airtight system that requires little to no maintenance
  • Resistant to the growth of mold and mildew
  • Must be installed by a certified and licensed applicator
  • Conforms to all regulatory standards such as CAN/ULC S705.1and CAN/ULC S705.2
  • Our spray foam insulation solutions do not shrink or sag over time

Signs You Need Commercial Insulation in Calgary

Fluctuating temperatures, rising energy bills, chilly drafts and cold rooms, water leaks are some of the core issues that arise with poor commercial insulation in Calgary. Allowing this poor insulation to continue can result in ice dams on the roof, frozen pipes and increased mice and bugs. Significantly, it can reduce tenant occupancy and safety and further increase damages to the property, resulting in more expensive outlays in the future. Taking proactive measures immediately through spray foam insulation can secure your property, making it a safe and secure place to conduct operations. Let our team explain how we do it. With over 15 years of experience in commercial construction, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and following project specifications. Safety and following our COR program is our priority on every job site. Speak to our experts about commercial insulation and how it can benefit your building.

Your Experts In High Performance Commercial Foam Insulation

Delaying proper and professional commercial insulation can lead to more costly repairs, maintenance and reduce the value of your commercial enterprise. By offering fast and effective commercial insulation, High Performance Spray Systems is ready to deliver a high-quality service. From explaining the installation process to discussing the best type of spray foam for your particular building, we’ll offer you a comprehensive package, saving you time and money both in the short and long term. We’ll meet your project deadlines and follow the necessary regulatory and building specifications while ensuring that our work is safe for everyone. If you are looking for the leading experts in commercial insulation in Calgary, then look no further than us.