10 Reasons To Use Spray Foam Insulation (Part 1)

By jared-murray In Spray Foam Insulation On April 30, 2020

2lb spray foam is a complete air seal

2lb closed cell spray foam insulation is a much more energy efficient alternative over traditional fiber insulations because it is seamless. Traditional fiber products leave gaps and seams along framing, wires and outlet penetrations. These gaps and seams allow cold to transfer past the fiber insulation and enter the building envelope. 2lb Spray foam insulation bonds completely to the substrate and the framing of the building. 2lb Spray foam insulation also expands filling and sealing around wires and outlets. This airtight seal allows a building to maintain its heat and air conditioning uncompromised from the exterior elements.

2lb spray foam has the Highest R-value per inch

2lb spray foam insulation has the highest R-value per inch over any other insulation. When 2lb spray foam forms it traps millions of little pockets of gas that have a higher R-value than air. These pockets of insulating gas are sealed and significantly reduce the transfer of cold or heat from the exterior. Fiber insulation do not seal the air in fact all they do is slow the air down and use the heat or air conditioning from inside the building to regulate the temperature inside the wall cavity. Fiber insulation’s R-value will fluctuate up to 40% depending on the outside temperature significantly reducing its R-value during extreme heat or cold. 2lb spray foam insulation’s R-value remains constant no matter the outside conditions because air can not move through spray foam insulation. 

2lb spray foam will last the lifetime of your building

2lb spray foam insulation will not shrink, settle or breakdown over time. It will maintain its seal and insulate for the lifetime of the structure. This long-life cycle makes 2lb spray foam insulation an environmentally friendly product as it will never need removal and disposal into land fill because of breakdown.

2lb spray foam insulation is regulated by CAN/ULC

2lb spray foam insulation is regulated by government standards which have set out specific instructions and quality controls by which it must be installed. 2lb spray foam insulation by government regulation must be installed by a certified installer. The quality and conditions in which it is installed is recorded daily and made part of a record kept for warranty and insurance purposes. This quality assurance program is assurance to the customer that they are receiving a quality warrantied product.

2lb Spray foam insulation reduces energy cost and extends the life of your heating and cooling systems

High Performance Spray Foam insulation is in many cases is 40% more efficient than traditional fiber insulation products reducing energy costs. Because of this heating and cooling systems will work less in turn extending their life span.

Spray foam insulation prevents mold and mildew.

Because of spray foam insulations ability to conform and adhere to the surface upon which it is sprayed and its ability to air seal it eliminates the condensing surfaces by which condensation and moisture can develop. Spray foam prevents moisture and condensation throughout the building, helping prevent mold and mildew.

Spray foam insulation will not damage in a flood

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has classified SPF insulation as highly resistant to floodwater damage, saying, “These materials can survive wetting and drying and may be successfully cleaned after a flood to render them free of most harmful pollutants."

Spray foam insulation creates a healthy and more comfortable indoor environment.

SPF can make your home or building more comfortable in many ways. Spray foam helps minimize airborne sound transmission. Sealing a building’s air leaks prevents drafts, creating a more comfortable indoor environment and providing better indoor temperature control. Closed-cell spray foam acts as a barrier to water and vapor, helping to prevent condensation and water intrusion. Sealing gaps with spray foam can provide a barrier against pollen, dust and insects, which can be especially helpful in households with allergy sufferers. Spray foam helps minimize airborne sound transmission.

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Spray foam insulation adds structural strength to a building.

2lb Spray foam insulation is very ridged and when applied to roofs and walls can increase the racking strength of a building by 300% eliminating shifting and increasing a buildings ability to stand up to wind load.

Spray foam insulation does not settle or sag.

Because fiber insulations are not air barriers, they allow air to travel through them. As this air passes through the fiber insulation it leaves behind dirt and dust. This collection of dust and dirt adds weight to fiber product causing them to sag and flatten over time. Because spray foam insulation is a full depth air barrier it is not subject to dust and dirt. Spray foam insulation will retain is shape and placement for the lifetime of a building.

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Jared Murray is the current general manager and one of the owners of High Performance Spray Systems. He has been in the spray foam insulation industry for 16 years and has extensive experience in building envelope systems.

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